Smoking & Tobacco use poses health risks.

Today, May 31 every year, is marked as World No Tobacco Day, which aims to educate the world community about the dangers of using tobacco in its various forms.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has focused on ending smoking and tobacco use by 2023 with the theme of this year being "WE NEED FOOD, NOT TOBACCO". ” which refers to the harm that tobacco cultivation is causing to crops, the environment and society.
The use of tobacco or smoking can be: smoking cigarettes, cigarettes, pipes, shisha, chewing or chewing tobacco, chewing tobacco, etc. After all, it is dangerous for us all.

Globally, smoking or tobacco use is estimated at 1.3 billion people today. Almost one billion (80%) live in developing countries.
Smoking causes sudden death or shortening of life, and it is said that every year they die from smoking approximately 8 million people, more than 7 million are people who smoke cigarettes directly and 1,200,000 people are people like Second-hand smoke.
Tobacco use and smoking are said to contain more than 7,000 chemicals, hundreds of which are toxic, and 70 of which can cause the deadly disease of cancer. 

Among these substances are: Tar, Arsenic, benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, ammonia and many more. Additionally, it includes nicotine, which makes people crave cigarettes both physically and mentally.

For people who smoke, the risk it causes depends on the length of time he has used it and the amount he uses it.

There is also the fact that if a person stops using tobacco or smoking early, the risk of disease can be reduced.

Smoking & Health Effects

Smoking and tobacco use cause about 25 diseases, among which 20-30% are heart attacks and strokes, and it also causes lung diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). 

enlarged or hardened Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis); It also causes 30-35% of lung cancer. Cancer of the throat and mouth (larynx and mouth), cancer of the esophagus (Esophagus), Pancreas, Stomach, Liver, Gallbladder, Intestine, Bladder, Colon, Uterus. 

He also causes infertility in men and women. It is worth noting that 85% of men become sexually active or lose their masculinity.
For pregnant women, it can lead to miscarriage or low birth weight or asphyxia or sudden death.

It also helps with gastritis and chronic heartburn (GERD), and delays the healing of peptic ulcers.
Smoking also reduces the thickness of the blood vessels that carry blood to the rest of the body which can cause them to not get enough of the blood they need.
Young people under the age of 20 years are 3 times more likely to die prematurely than those over 20 years old.

In the brain, it leads to less sleep, restlessness, and reduced thinking and memory due to hardening of the arteries (arthrosclerosis). He also makes a change in his behavior and social behavior while always being violent.

Smoking damages the eyesight which can cause blindness, the hearing causes deafness, it also causes discoloration of the skin, and damages the lips, gums and teeth.

Harms of Smoking and Tobacco

Another risk of smoking is the person who is close to the place of smoking (second-hand smoke) such as children's homes or social gatherings who inhale or take in second-hand smoke. 25-30%.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has already issued a Resolution banning smoking in public places such as: markets, stadiums, educational institutions, hotels & restaurants, buses & other vehicles. Advertising, marketing of cigarettes and tobacco on radio, television, and social media are also prohibited.

There is also the need to increase the tax on tobacco and cigarettes to reduce their consumption and take care of public health.
The Somali community in the last 30 years of destruction, war and displacement has increased significantly in the number of smokers, especially among young people. There has also been an increase in the number of young and old people who use shisha, which can cause serious health problems in the future.


I call on all the Somali community, wherever they are, to stop smoking and using tobacco because our Islamic religion does not allow self-harm and causing the health risks mentioned above.

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